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AM.CO.ZA TruCUT™ Performance Range 400×300mm Desktop Type with CCD Camera for Normal and Contour Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine Barebone Unit

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AM.CO.ZA TruCUT™ Performance Range 400×300mm Desktop Type with CCD Camera for Normal and Contour Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine Barebone Unit
TruCUT Performance Range 400x300mm Desktop Type, CCD Camera for Normal & Contour Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine Barebone Unit

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R 148 979 (excl. VAT)
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AM.CO.ZA TruCUT™ Performance Range 400×300mm Desktop Type with CCD Camera for Normal and Contour Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine Barebone Unit
Features and Highlights

  • Easy to Use Control Panel with Direct Internal Saved File Select Button
  • Table Size 400×300mm and Working Area 300×200mm
  • Include Laser Tube Cooling System Warning Light Indicator and Laser Power Cutoff
  • Latest TruCUT™ DSP for Multitasking (Cut/Engrave etc in One Job) with 128M Large Memory
  • Professional model driven by Servo Motors and Rack and Pinion Gear for High Precision and Performance
  • Achieve ± 0.001 mm Resolution
  • Minimal Can Engrave Readable 1mm Height English Letter
  • 36 meter/min (600 mm/s) Rapid Positioning Linear Speed
  • Double Focus Lens Position (63.5mm Default, 101.6mm Optional) Laser Lens Holder
  • Double Power Supplies and Double Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters
  • With Upgrade MPC Controller and Software, You can perform Laser Contour Cutting on Printed Boards
  • With Standard Aluminium Slats as Working Surface, Honeycomb Table optional
  • Support Direct USB Connection from PC or Use Flush Drive
  • With CCD Camera Mounted on Laser Head to See from PC Monitor to Locate Registration Marks
  • Up to 27 meter/min (450 mm/s) Engraving Speed
  • Program Controlled Compressed Air, Blow When Needed
  • Cutting Table Weight Static Load Up To 50 kg/m2
  • High Speed Servo Motors Driving System
  • High Precision Rack and Pinion Gear Transmission System
  • With RJ45 Network Port for Cutting Job Transfer through Network
  • Less Than 0.05 mm Repeat Positioning Accuracy
  • Include TruCUT Software with Multi-Layer Process, Simulation, Time Estimation and Many Other Functions, Learn More
  • Up to 36 meter/min (600 mm/s) Cutting Speed
  • Use Household 220V Electricity, Include Ellies® Surges and Lightning Safe Plug
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Quality WarrantyQuality WarrantyQuality Warranty
For the entire machinery, as well as any subsystem, we only offer constrained quality warranty except stated any other way. The attribute guarantee covers weaknesses as a result of faulty components or poor craftsmanship We shall not be held accountable for mis-usage or everyday wear and tear of your equipment. Aforestated is for this reason not covered by our guarantee. Deterioration can often be repaired that aren't covered under guarantee, at minimal cost. Upon inquiry, quotations are promptly accessible.
Some items within your purchase come with different warranty terms and period:

We provide limited quality warranty on the entire machine, as well as each subsystem unless state otherwise. The quality warranty covers defects due to faulty materials or poor craftsmanship. We are not responsible for common wear and tear or misuse of your product. Aforementioned is therefore not covered by our warranty. Of course, damages that are not covered under warranty can usually be repaired at a minimal cost. Quotations are readily available on request.
Some items within your purchase come with different warranty terms and period:
Training Course:
Training Course
Basic and/or overall training courses are supplied via our warehouse for all machinery we sell. When obtaining your machine, first basic entry courses is included in your purchase, nevertheless more improved training can be obtained after the basic course has been accomplished.
We offer basic and/or comprehensive training courses through our training facility for all machines we sell. First basic entry course is included in your machine purchase; more advanced training can be obtained after the basic course has been passed.
Call-out Service & Fee:
Call-out Service & Fee
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A Call-out refers to any time a technician provides a service at your premises. Unless the call-out is covered by any of the above plans or arranged by the management, a call-out fee will be charged. At the time of this quotation, one technician for one day is R 395.00 for weekdays, R 595.00 for Saturdays and R 995.00 for Sundays or Public Holidays.In addition to the call-out charge, travel costs to your premises as well as accommodation if necessary are on your account. We prefer that you arrange that the technician picked up and sent back. If you would like us to travel to you, the current rate is R 6.00/km multiplied by the driving distance between our branch and your premises.Those charges may change time by time without notice, so kindly enquire about call out and travel costs beforehand.
Barcode System:
Barcode System
With all our mainline of machines a unique barcode is sold. Analyze accordingly you will regularly be able to,in any style and at any moment, analyze the machinery's warranty report and assistance history on our database or while logged off. Our machinery's assurance and assistance are honoured by us using the barcode. Maximum convenience are ensured on both the selling and service of your machinery's.
All our mainline of machines are sold with a unique barcode. You will therefore always be able to check the machine's warranty information and service history on our website or offline - in any way and at any time. We honour our machines' warranty and service by using the barcode. This ensures your maximum convenience on both the maintenance and resell of your machinery.
Latest Model Quoted:
Latest Model Quoted
The tender above involves our recent model, and as such the highlights, specs including attachments are relevant thereto. For any questions about the generation model recited, you can call our sales assistances. In the case that we do not have the recent model vacant, you will be designated to collect up to 5% exemption on the former model, based on insignificant achievement or minor method.
The quotation above pertains to our newest model, and as such the highlights, specifications, accessories are applicable thereto. Kindly enquire from our sales representative as to the year model quoted. In the event that we do not have the newest model available, you will be entitled to receive up to 5% discount on the older model, dependent on lesser performance or lesser design.
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