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SAi FlexiSTARTER™ FlexiSIGN™ Sign Making Software Cloud Edition Activation Code, All Windows Versions

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SAi FlexiSTARTER™ FlexiSIGN™ Sign Making Software Cloud Edition Activation Code, All Windows Versions
R 1 199 (excl. VAT)
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Sales Direct 076 238 0678 / 072 522 3941
Machinery Sales 072 222 2211 General Enquiry 060 600 6000 Technical Support 076 666 6655 Software & Training 060 818 1818
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Sadly no guarantee will be given for the dongle or any other software products. Some of our machines' program cloud versions can be downloaded from the cyberspace and directly aroused by code. We offer our clients the combined advantage of downloading the software for you and dropping a materialistic copy to your branch if desired considering that bandwidth is pricey and the online network connection is generally slow or held up.
No warranty is provided for software products, including the dongle. Some of the software cloud version for our machines can be downloaded from the Internet and simply activated by code. But since bandwidth can be expensive and Internet connection is often slow or interrupted, we also offer our clients the added service of downloading it for you and delivering a physical copy to your offices should you require.
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